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AnaLinda Marcus

I teach and dance the genuine Argentine Tango social dance as it is danced in Buenos Aires and the Milongas (a social dance) around the world.

The way that I teach integrates the beginning dancer into their breath and their balance, connects them to their imagination through the music and builds a strong and independent relationship with their dance partner of the moment.

I teach new dancers to be comfortable with many styles of the social dance: Milonguero or Club Style often called “Close embrace” whether through the shared axis or the independent axis, as well as the open figure style of dancing with a fluid embrace.


Argentine Tango is an improvisational social dance that changes lives, and AnaLinda fell under its spell 20 years ago. Through Tango she discovered the exacting improvisational connection to partner dance and musical interpretation she had been seeking. She dances an authentic Argentine Tango both playful and elegant, with great physical dynamism, and she teaches with clarity and joy.

Social dance has been the connective tissue of her life since age 12. After dancing Jazz and Hip-hop in her 20’s, she renewed her childhood involvement with Latin social dance in her 30’s and studied Salsa and Mambo intensively with Cha cha, Bolero, Cumbia, Bachata interspersed. She continues to dance these, but Salsa is her second dance home and has influenced her Tango style. Early on a student of Tai Chi and still studying Yoga, her method of movement in the Tango utilizes these dynamic forms through concepts of stretch and release, and weight and counterweight. Her dancing utilizes exchanges of place, and has been described as both sinuous and tensile in quality.

AnaLinda has taught classes on social issues for more than 20 years and dance for 4 years, initially as an assistant to Sharna Fabiano of the Boston Tango School. For the last 17 years she has led her own group and private classes. She is a member of the faculty at the Dance Complex. She has traveled extensively to pursue Tango passion throughout North America, and to Buenos Aires several times. She has performed extensively in the region.
Additionally, I

  • assisted at the Boston Tango School from 1999 - 2002, and have been taught for the last 2 years.
  • teaches as invited guest instructor for the Tango Society of Boston at the Wednesday Night Tango Break and at special events such as Tango by Moonlight and the Mardigras 2003 of Hayden and Handel Society.
  • faculty of BCCA and teaches at the Dance Complex in Cambridge
  • has taught independently-run classes for 2 years.
  • teaches on a rotating basis at the Cambridge Tango Central pre-Milonga Class

  • Studied extensively under Daniel Trenner, Sharna Fabiano, Matej Oresik and Luciana Valle, and Brooke Burdett.
  • Continued study under Fabian Salas and Pablo Veron, Nito and Elba and the Puglieses, and Ting Chin.
  • Continued to absorb the range of the tango by studying in intensive seminars with no less than three dozen other instructors the majority of which are Argentine professionals.



AnaLinda's Major Performances

South End Open Studios,
May 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009
with Paul Walcott, Yves Chretein, and Peter Simineau

South End Art Walk,
September 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009
with Paul Walcott, Yves Chretein, and Peter Simineau

Wellesley University, Latino Heritage Cultural Celebration,
April, 2012,
with Paul Walcott

For Movimiento Procultura: “Evento Multicultural Raíces”,
May 2011
with Peter Simineau

Suffolk University, Latino Heritage Month Celebration,
October 2011,
with Yves Chretein

Proctor and Gamble Headquarters, South Boston, MA,
October 2010,
with Pracha Eamramond

Cambridge Central Square Summer Festival,t
July, 2010,
with Paul Walcot

Emerson College Latino Heritage Cultural Celebration,
February, 2010,
with Paul Walcott

Harvard University, for faculty and organizers of International Symposium on Roots of Argentine Tango,
with Paul Walcott

Milton Academy
with Baseem

Spinellis TUV SUD America Holiday Party, Boston Center for Adult Education,
January 2009,
with Pracha Eamramond

Boston Tango Festival
June 2007
With Sergei Klimionov

Boston Tango Festival
June 2006
With Sergei Klimionov

MIT Winter Milonga
February 2006
With Sergei Klimionov

A Taste of the Arts at Brookline Community Center for the Arts
November 2005
With Uche Amaechi

First Annual Boston Tango Festival
June 2005
With Clifton Chow

Dance Complex Stage
at Dance Month during May Fair
May 2005
with Clifton Chow

Choreographers Showcase Dance Complex
November 2004
Choreography by AnaLinda and performed With Uche Amaechi

Soloists with Firebird Ensemble�s Astor Piazzola commemoration
September 2004
With Uche Amaechi

1st Tango Night
April 20th 2004
Sponsored by New England Conservatory of Music Student Government
Teaching and performace with Shalom

Gordon College Music Department Faculty Recital
January 18th, 2004
featuring Alicia DiDonato on Flute
partnered by Shalom Volchok

Brookline Community Center for the Arts
Winter Solstice Festival
Dec 11th 2003
with Shalom Volchok

Argentina Week and Tango Society of Boston at Boston Public Library
May 21 2003
with Shahruk Merchant

Program to preview film The Assasination Tango by Robert Duvall
March 2003
Hosted by Robert Duval at the Copley Sqauare Theatre
Partnered by Tom English and sponsored by the Tango Society of Boston

Carnival! Fund Raiser for the Hayden and Handel Society of Boston at the Four Seasons Hotel
March 2003
Partnered by Tom English and sponsored by the Tango Society of Boston

WEPA! Salsa Sunday Tango for Salsa dancers series
November 2002
Partnered by Tom English

2002 Summer Ball in Providence
August 2002
With TangoLuz produced by Matej Orezik

SALSalegre! Salsa Dance, Natick
June 2002
partnered by Tom English

Somerville Art Beat Festival
July 2001
With Tango Forte produced by Sharna Fabiano

Cambridge Compartiendo
June 2001
With Tango Forte el Camino Festival produced by Sharna Fabiano


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