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“Your style as a follower is powerful, sensual, musical, with elegant footwork and ornaments."


“I've been really excited about AnaLinda's classes because of her teaching style.She has a lot of energy and passion for dance, and really cares about her students' progress. She has that combination of ruthlessness and kindness that makes for a good teacher. I like her emphasis on understanding the elements of the dance and the logic of putting them together with a sense of musicality, rather than merely mechanically memorizing step patterns. She teaches dance from the inside out. Also I like that she takes the time to emphasize connection, taking care of your dance partner, dance etiquette and building community. There is a good energy about her class and she seems to attract dedicated and sensitive people.”

- Paul Bail

"I have seen the work of a lot of Tango teachers since I became passionate about the dance. But AnaLinda's teachings of Tango embellishments and woman's footwork outreaches the work of even Argentinian teachers I have met. Tango was made for her and the love she puts in teaching it is reflected in her students persistance in wanting to be better. She is extremely giving of her time, attention and feedback to her student. At first, I did not know she was a teacher. I approached to ask where she had learned her sense of style and musicality. And I was lucky to find out that she has extraordinary talent to teach to others the elegance and beauty that she brings to Tango."

- Bahar M.



This is just a quick note to let you know that our first dance at our wedding was a phenomenal success. The Argentine Tango blew away our guests and we got a standing ovation! You were right - all the lessons and the practice were worth it. My husband and I wanted to thank you so much for teaching us to Tango. You were a great instructor and we really appreciated your techniques, your words of encouragement and, most importantly, your patience. We are looking forward to continuing to learng this beautiful dance from you.


- Marc and Meredith


"I’ve been profiting from AnaLinda’s teaching incredibly. Her basic approach to teaching is to impart a profound understanding of the art of the Argentine Tango. She knows perfectly how to address her knowledge to the students at their level of experience but at the same time offers a whole lot more in her passionate personality. Her beautiful variety of skills inspire the students to explore this great sophisticated dance. Her teaching is something to just experience...!"

- Ulrike


“Gabrielle and I think you are a great teacher! We enjoyed yesterday's class so much. At one glance you see what is missing and what can be improved on our dancing. What
we particularly appreciate is your passion about Tango, your fun about dancing spills over to us. This is finally our greatest motivation to practice.
I will always remember your dancing technique, musicality, expression (&) style. This is what keeps me surfing through the clouds of bad teaching, lack of inspiration and sleepy tango rythms.. Hopefully, at the end of the tunnel I will be back in Boston and taking as many classes with you as possible...

- Cheers, Tilman”

from a new student: "As a woman, Linda knows what I feel like inside my body and conveys so well the feel of the dance. Sometimes when I’m dancing I hear her voice telling me to have a beautiful extension in my leg. She gave me the word “delicious” – at the milonga, if I have one “delicious” dance per night, I am happy."

- Maddy



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