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Small Group Intensive on
Tiny, Syncopated Elements

Comfortable Turning (with pivots) in close embrace. The secret of the Elastic Embrace. With a few sacadas if you dare.

2 weeks, Thursday July 20 and Tuesday July 25, 8 to 10 pm
Pre registration required July 18. Contact AnaLinda

These semi-private groups are limited to 10 dancers and are role- and level-balanced. You receive one-on-one instruction and truly integrate the material. A guided Practica after goes on from 10pm until...?

Often Advanced Beginners have danced only the larger elements in the dance that take a full beat of music. You are now experienced enough to know that we can't walk much of the time and we can't be truly musical just moving on the pulse. We need to balance the BIG stuff with the finesse of small elements that require precision and keep in small spaces, for the tiny quick musical sections, to create contrast in the dance, to improve conneciton.

In addition, much Tango music is faster, more marcato music. This can even make up most of the dance. In the more open sounding, or more melodic music these things can be the softer sounds, or the transitional elements between phrases.

We will work on tiny weight change elements, rock step elements, tiny ochos. 

Pre-registration required by Tuesday, July 18th. Please contact AnaLinda for more details.

  • Add new levels of subtlety and finesse to your tango vocabulary!
  • 1/2 hour guided practica follows.
  • Level: Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate
  • At Movimento in Boston
    450 Harrison Ave, #405A, South End (enter through lobby)
  • Pre-registration required. Contact instructor at least 1 week in advance. 

Intensives are offered about 4 times per year. They provide considerable one-on-one attention. They seem to make a real difference in dancers moving through the vast Intermediate stage of Tango to find their own voice in the dance. 

NEW 3hr Crash Courses!

450 Harrison Ave, #405A, South End (enter through lobby)

Absolute Beginners
No dance experience needed nor partner required!

Unlock the secrets of Argentine Tango. The best possible introduction to what Argentine Tango is about. Movement quality, partner connection, basic steps. No partner required.

Preregister and save!

Learn Argentine Tango on Mondays in Central Square
with AnaLinda & Paul, TangoEmbrace

7:30 pm Fundamentals
8:30 pm Continuing Tango

  • Mondays, coming in mid-September

Classes to guide you in creating the dance of your dreams...

Learn the improvised social dance of a sensual embrace which holds two hearts as four legs tell a passionate rhythmic tale.

Sign up for one session's series for $85 per 6-week session:

Special 2-Session Package
Take both classes together as an accelerated learning option. New students receive a 20% discount off the second series - just $75 for the second series. This is a great intensive approach with the material in the 8:30pm series elaborating the material from the 7:30pm class each week.

Save $10! Get both sessions for $160:

Sign up for one course or both

Accelerate Your Learning

I recommend taking a group class weekly, supplemented with a private lesson as regularly as practicable to cement and refine the material the student is exposed to in the group lesson.

Please send along your special requests and subjects of interest or problem areas so I can structure them into the class. Email us at analinda@tangoembrace.com or use our contact form!

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for individuals and couples for any skill level. These lessons can prepare you to enter fundamental classes, to enhance performance work or even for your own wedding dance! Private classes are available in a beautiful art studio space in Boston's South End, at M O V I M I E N T O, 450 Harrison Avenue #405, South End (enter through lobby). Plenty of parking is available. Flexible daytime and evening hours and package pricing are available. 

Contact me for the schedule of small groups and semi-private lessons.


1-hour private lessons are $80.

Contact me about private lessons.

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